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aiOla’s unique offering is built on state-of-the-art models, allowing each organization to customize the technology and insights to its needs, seamlessly and quickly.

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aiOla Humint Flow
Platform Overview

Business Agents

Provide valuable human intelligence (Humint) on their field experience using natural language as voice messages, text message or handwritten notes with their mobile devices.
aiOla Humint Flow
Platform Overview

AI Vision Models

The images sent through aiOla AI vision models are analyzed to extract text (meeting notes, competitive offers, business cards…) and identify custom objects.
aiOla Humint Flow
Platform Overview

AI Speech Models

The voice messages and streams sent through aiOla AI speech models are transcribed using a custom language model fine-tuned for the specific use case.
aiOla Humint Flow
Platform Overview

AI Text Models

The text messages and the text outputs from the vision and speech models are analyzed through the aiOla NLU Pyramid to improve the knowledge extractions that are often specific to the domain and company. Each level of the pyramid adds to the overall accuracy of the knowledge recall and precision, to dramatically reduce the need for manual work by the users. 
aiOla Humint Flow
Platform Overview

AI Models

The unique value of aiOla AI models is in their ability to fine-tune the specific domain and company models using very few examples iteratively. The fine-tuned models dramatically improve support for the long-tail use cases of the different companies using aiOla.
aiOla Humint Flow
Platform Overview

Automatic Personal Ontology

Another unique value of aiOla is the ability to automatically build a specific Ontology model for each company based on its existing data systems. The ontology is then used to accurately map the incoming Humint to the data systems, enriching it significantly. The company's human managers can directly enrich the Ontology  to tweak the models and insights from that analytical data.
aiOla Humint Flow
Platform Overview

Essential Information Needed (EIN)

Automatic and manual anomaly detection in the existing and incoming Humint data trigger requests to the business agent in the field for information needed. The requests are designed to corroborate or disprove trends or assumptions of the business. 
aiOla Humint Flow
Platform Overview

Business Managers

The business managers receive summaries of the Humint reports through aiOla and can use them to initiate EIN, Ontology changes or instructions to the AI models for optimal fine-tuning to support the needs of the business. 

Integration With
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& Communication

aiOla significantly improves the quality, quantity and timing of data collection and injection, transforming the CRM from a static data warehouse to a dynamic hub, which combines internal and external data in an ever-evolving loop.
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Language Skills

Using NLP models, aiOla perfectly adapts itself to the organization’s language, and creates tailor-made dynamic workflows, customized to the frontline employees.

Ontology Engine

Our ontology engine creates dynamic views of multiple data systems and their structures to adapt to the organization’s unique worldview and a language to describe it.
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Regional Sales
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Quick & Seamless

Easily customize to the organization’s language, structure, people and workflow, to support various internal use-cases.

Organizing Individual
& Collective Creativity

aiOla learns from individual and collective organization members and brings together all the intelligence & data it has collected, cross-referencing and combining it in a single AI engine. The engine processes, analyses and models the data and turns it into business-critical actionable insights, available to the organization’s frontliners, on demand.

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