Empower & Enable Your Team to Meet the Evolving Needs by Combining HUMINT & AI

Stay One Step Ahead With aiOla’s Real-Time Insights and Intelligence

Throughout their busy workdays, Retail & CPG front liners are required to make many critical decisions that affect the business in many aspects. aiOla equips them with reliable intelligence, helping them predict market trends and customer needs, formulate marketing promotions and calculate discounted prices efficiently, providing them an unbeatable competitive edge. 

By harnessing the power of human intelligence - our unique ‘secret sauce’, aiOla makes sure your team identifies opportunities in the ever-changing market - in time to act. Gathering and cross-referencing internal and external data from multiple sources, aiOla presents your team with pricing recommendations, provides accurate predictions of inventory needs, and optimizes assortment and distribution according to customer segmentation. 

aiOla delivers all insights needed seamlessly through a single pipeline, saving your team’s precious time cross-referencing data through multiple channels. Analyzing a variety of intel, aiOla charges your team with best practices and effective processes in real-time, helping design impactful, effective campaigns and increase shoppers engagement, pushing your organization to the next level.

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What You Get


aiOla helps your team gain an in-depth analysis of the market landscape, resulting in optimizing your assortment and market plan, perfecting discount and promotion strategy, and achieving optimal pricing decisions.

Shopper engagement

Providing a reliable measurement of your market campaign’s effectiveness and understanding your customers’ behavior and needs, aiOla helps your team produce engaging, precise campaigns.


Bringing accurate modeling based on unique insights, aiOla empowers your team to build advanced predictions that digitally transform your operations and gives you an unparalleled competitive edge.

How it Works

Humint Collection

Post-meeting information is entered quickly and seamlessly, via voice message, free text typing, or simply by uploading visuals and documents, using standard communication tools (Slack, Teams, etc), and being instantly integrated into the organization’s backend systems, becoming a unique proprietary asset.

Intelligence Engine

Our unique offering is built by state-of-the-art NLP capabilities, coupled with our unique ontology, allowing aiOla to adapt to the organization’s unique worldview and a language to describe it.

On-the-Go Business Insights

aiOla brings together all three core solution elements to collect and deliver dynamic insights and intelligence in both directions, to and from frontline employees, via standard communication tools of their choice.

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