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Media professionals’ success relies on quick, reliable, and accurate data analytics, affecting their ability to sell the maximum number of advertising spots to sponsors at the optimal price with the minimum number of end-of-year refunds. aiOla delivers your team with accurate predictions and the latest, most relevant insights - making sure your team is always equipped with the best offer at hand. 

aiOla collects and cross-references real-time intelligence from internal and external sources and harness the power of human intelligence - our unique ‘secret sauce’. As a result, it intuitively understands buyer behavior, helping your team identify sales opportunities and correctly price rating points. By supplying pinpoint accurate predictive rating forecasts per viewer segment, aiOla provides your media professionals with an unparalleled competitive edge. 

With the exact information handed over through one easy source, your teams’ valuable time is directed at addressing more customers, strengthening relationships, and increasing advertising confidence, ultimately selling more slots.

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What You Get


Instantly know what slot is relevant to which advertiser and at what price. Get the exact information to sell the ideal slot per channel, day, hour, rating, and quality of segment for maximum impact.


Gain insights based on reliable sources for critical rating data per segment in addition to vital internal network data. See show schedules to identify and communicate accurate forecasts per show.


Earn advertiser confidence through unmatched predictive precision in rating predictions, per viewer segment, gender, or any other relevant group selected channels or timeband.

How it Works

Humint Collection

Post-meeting information is entered quickly and seamlessly, via voice message, free text typing, or simply by uploading visuals and documents, using standard communication tools (Slack, Teams, etc), and being instantly integrated into the organization’s backend systems, becoming a unique proprietary asset.

Intelligence Engine

Our unique offering is built on state-of-the-art models, allowing each organization to customize the technology and insights to its needs.

On-the-Go Insights

aiOla brings together all three core solution elements to collect and deliver dynamic insights and intelligence in both directions, to and from frontline employees, via standard communication tools of their choice.

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