Connecting the Promise of AI to the Daily Tasks of the Insurance Professionals

Obtain Instant Access to Every Insight That Matters, When it Matters Most

Insurance professionals face many timely tasks during their busy workdays, from extensive prep meetings and data gathering to project management responsibilities and much more. Being the most valuable asset of their team, aiOla helps them clear these time-consuming tasks and focus on their customers while offering the most relevant, personalized offer for each one, gaining an unparalleled competitive edge. 

aiOla gathers and uses internal and external data from multiple sources. On top of it, aiOla is harnessing the power of human intelligence - our unique ‘secret sauce’, providing a unique view of specific customers’ needs, and the competitive landscape. 

Cross-referencing trends, past sales, customer segmentation, and more - these are some of aiOla’s added values, in the insurance landscape, making sure your insurance professionals have the confidence of always having the right answer at hand. 

Delivering relevant offers and product suggestions while adjusting to the ever-changing needs of your customers in a heartbeat, your team can build strong relationships based on trust, intimacy, and familiarity with their customers and stand out from the crowd.

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What You Get

Competitive edge

By acting proactively, and understanding the customers’ needs, aiOla helps your team tailor the exact personalized solution, improving the overall customer experience.


Industry professionals report spending 20% of their time on administrative tasks such as determining which customers to contact. aiOla identifies and shares best practices, and effective processes, which directly contribute to much effectiveness and productivity.

Data management

Allow your team to streamline data and help to leverage the data assets, in decision-making models and processes.

How it Works

Humint Collection

Post-meeting information is entered quickly and seamlessly, via voice message, free text typing, or simply by uploading visuals and documents, using standard communication tools (Slack, Teams, etc), and being instantly integrated into the organization’s backend systems, becoming a unique proprietary asset.

Intelligence Engine

Our unique offering is built by state-of-the-art NLP capabilities, coupled with our unique ontology, allowing aiOla to adapt to the organization’s unique worldview and a language to describe it.

On-the-Go Business Insights

aiOla brings together all three core solution elements to collect and deliver dynamic insights and intelligence in both directions, to and from frontline employees, via standard communication tools of their choice.

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