Perfect Your Offering by Constant Read of Your Customers Needs

Stay Ahead of the Competition With Unmatched Visibility Into Your Market

Knowing your customers and understanding their evolving needs are the most crucial elements when it comes to professional services, enabling trust, intimacy, and forming close relationships. aiOla equips your front liners with critical intelligence that will transform them to proactive vs reactive mode. As a result, they are armed with crucial insights in real-time, allowing them to be better tuned and prepared to offer the right product or service, to the right customers, at the right time.

By harnessing the power of human intelligence - our unique ‘secret sauce’, aiOla makes sure your team stays ahead of market trends. Gathering and cross-referencing internal and external data from multiple sources while relying on past sales, aiOla presents your team with optimal upsell opportunities and provides tailored offers that match your customers’ needs - on the spot.

With all information gathered and delivered through a single pipeline, aiOla delivers your team real-time business insights, using the extensive intel collected from all finance professionals, allowing knowledge sharing and the use of effective and successful best practices. This enables out-of-the-box thinking and breaking free of routines, making your front liners shine in the financial competitive landscape.

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What You Get

Holistic view

By consolidating insights from different data silos, aiOla provides your team with an extensive and accurate view of the competitive landscape, allowing them to form the ideal offer for each customer.


With the analysis of a variety of intel, aiOla charges your team with best practices and effective processes in real-time, allowing them to make personalized offers at the right moment, resulting in increased sales.

Customer Segmentation

With aiOla, your front liners have a unique view of specific customers' needs, making it easier to determine which customers to contact, contributing to your team's productivity and effectiveness.

How it Works

Humint Collection

Post-meeting information is entered quickly and seamlessly, via voice message, free text typing, or simply by uploading visuals and documents, using standard communication tools (Slack, Teams, etc), and being instantly integrated into the organization’s backend systems, becoming a unique proprietary asset.

Intelligence Engine

Our unique offering is built by state-of-the-art NLP capabilities, coupled with our unique ontology, allowing aiOla to adapt to the organization’s unique worldview and a language to describe it.

On-the-Go Business Insights

aiOla brings together all three core solution elements to collect and deliver dynamic insights and intelligence in both directions, to and from frontline employees, via standard communication tools of their choice.

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