Harness HUMINT & AI
to Meet the Needs of Construction Teams

Gain Your Organization a Competitive Edge With Unique Business Insights

Your front liners are your organization’s most valuable asset, with a crucial responsibility to effectively identify and handle changes in the fast-past, dynamic industry. aiOla helps your front liners be proactive and productive through trends and events unfolding in real-time. Ensuring nothing gets lost under the pile while delivering best practices and personalized offers for each customer, your team is set for success. 

By harnessing the power of human intelligence - our unique ‘secret sauce’, aiOla analyzes past sales to identify your customer’s needs and learn their intentions moving forward, allowing your team to Initiate customized offers, ultimately resulting in more sales.

Gathering, cross-referencing, and using internal and external data from multiple sources, aiOla provides your team with reliable predictions, pricing recommendations, while mitigating risks, helping increase effectiveness and maximize revenue.   

aiOla keeps your team informed on government and municipal-driven initiatives, industry trends, and inflection points, enabling your professionals to bring the most relevant offer to their customers, at the right time. As a result, strong relationships based on trust and excellence can be built, gaining your organization a competitive edge.

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What You Get

Trend detection

Analyzing real-time intelligence, aiOla makes sure your team is in the know of every policy change, event, or trend in real-time, enabling them to take action and give your customers the most relevant offer, tailored to their needs.

Pricing modeling & elasticity

By cross-referencing multiple sources, aiOla offers reliable pricing proposals, enabling your team to negotiate at maximum value without risking a deal.

Demand Planning

Through accurate modeling based on unique insights, trend identification & inflection points, aiOla helps improve forecasting deviations and build advanced predictions, giving you an unparalleled competitive edge.

How it Works

Humint Collection

Post-meeting information is entered quickly and seamlessly, via voice message, free text typing, or simply by uploading visuals and documents, using standard communication tools (Slack, Teams, etc), and being instantly integrated into the organization’s backend systems, becoming a unique proprietary asset.

Intelligence Engine

Our unique offering is built by state-of-the-art NLP capabilities, coupled with our unique ontology, allowing aiOla to adapt to the organization’s unique worldview and a language to describe it.

On-the-Go Business Insights

aiOla brings together all three core solution elements to collect and deliver dynamic insights and intelligence in both directions, to and from frontline employees, via standard communication tools of their choice.

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