Unleash the Power of Human Intelligence

Frontline employees and sales professionals are exposed to a tremendous amount of human intelligence during their daily routine. Less than 10% are being captured.

Aiola closes the loop, by collecting the critical fresh Human Intelligence (HUMINT), post-meeting, and transforms it into a constant stream of ever-learning insights and intelligence on-the-go.

The HUMINT Collector

Post-meeting information is entered quickly and seamlessly, via voice message, free text typing or simply by uploading visuals and documents, using standard communication tools (WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, etc) and being instantly integrated to the organization’s backend systems.

The outcome is a new rich collective human intelligence layer.
Nothing is lost. Everything is captured and becomes a rich element of fresh and relevant raw material for Aiola’s AI engine.

We generate a comprehensive
holistic view with multiple sources

The organization’s internal data
Third-party industry data
The Collected Human Intelligence

The combination of the above, creates an unparalleled super-rich raw material, for Aiola’s magic to begin

We generate a comprehensive
holistic view with multiple sources:

Natural Language Skills

Using NLP models, Aiola perfectly adapts itself to the organization’s language and creates tailor-made dynamic workflows

Powerful Ontology Engine

Our ontology engine creates dynamic views of multiple data systems and their structures to adapt to the organization's unique worldview

Quick & Seamless Customization

Easily customize to the organization’s language, structure, people, and workflow

On-the-Go Insights

Aiola brings together all three core solution elements
to collect and deliver dynamic insights and intelligence.

With our user-centric/user-first approach, in both directions, to and from frontline employees, via standard communication tools of their choice.
From meeting prep and intel, to cross/upsell recommendations, from demand forecasting to competitor sales stats and up-to-date custom-made pricing, with Aiola in your sales loop, your company is superpowered for success.
Evergreen & ever-learning
The Aiola infinite loop continuously improves itself and proactively gathers and processes organizational and new market insights to constantly bring timely intel to the organization.

Superpower your team with Aiola

Empower your sales professionals with real-time, user-friendly, multi-sourced business insights and intelligence, today
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