Introducing aiOlas Intelligence Infinity Loop

Meet the next generation of AI. A proactive, user-centric platform that delivers accurate, up-to-date insights fueled by human intelligence to sales and frontline professionals on the go.

Guy Ernest


Intelligence technology has the power to transform organizations, delivering value-adding insights that provide your organization and frontline professionals with the critical insights they need to shorten sales cycles, improve customer experiences and increase revenue. However, for your organization to realize these benefits, your staff have to use the technology. 

Without adequate data input, sophisticated AI engines cannot deliver on their promise to produce meaningful insights. And, if the intelligence these systems deliver is complex and unactionable, its value is lost. 

That’s why we built aiOla. aiOla is a user-first intelligence company that empowers sales professionals & frontline employees with an accessible anywhere, easy-to-use interface for data input and insight discovery. Your team’s dynamic market knowledge is at the core of your organization’s success. aiOla puts this human intelligence (HUMINT) at the core of your analytics engine. 

Here’s how. 

An intelligence collection and analytics platform that enables your organization to realize the full potential of humans and technology

After years of promises, organizations can now begin to realize AI’s full potential. Just a few years ago, much of the promise of data management and AI was still speculative. While CRMs and other data-management systems had gained wide adoption, their uses were limited. Information within an organization was often fragmented, siloed, inaccurate or out-of-date. 

Industry experts predicted that organizations would profit from using AI, but not how those profits would be achieved. 

Today, the world is a very different place. 

We now know much more about how businesses can leverage AI to grow revenue, and basic AI applications have become commonplace. AI-supported solutions are improving performances across various industries by streamlining workflows, automating routine tasks, identifying risks, and providing data-driven insights to decision-makers. When your map application helps you select the fastest route to your destination or your networking app suggests new people to connect with, an algorithm is working behind the scenes crunching data and producing results. 

As the technology matures, the power and potential of AI continues to grow. 

aiOla leverages the power of performance-enhancing AI-guided intelligence for enterprises and makes it accessible to their frontline staff. Our Intelligence Infinity Loop combines the HUMINT collected on-the-spot from your frontline teams with traditional data streams and uses a sophisticated AI engine to translate that intelligence into just-in-time insights delivered directly to the team members who need it. Back at the home office, aiOla uses this evergreen data to produce accurate performance reports and realistic forecasts. 

It all starts with data. 

Building a powerful data pipeline to fuel your AI engine

Today’s high-performance organizations are prioritizing data discovery and retention to feed their AI engines and generate on-target insights. 

But, even the best systems for collecting and maintaining organizational intelligence may fall short. 

When an organization drops the ball on data collection and knowledge management

  • Valuable market intelligence is lost
  • Staff waste time searching for information and correcting inconsistencies
  • Frontline staff don’t have access to accurate insights at their moment of need
  • Analytics based on incomplete or out-of-date information causes organizations to make bad decisions

What data mistakes are modern enterprises making? 

Most organizational data comes from two primary sources, internal data such as the type found in the company’s CRM or other repositories and external data that is collected from public sources or purchased from third parties. However, this data is often collected by different departments, using different systems that don’t speak to one another. In a recent survey conducted by Salesforce, 70% of executives said they couldn’t use their organization’s data effectively because it came from too many sources. Data silos limit the information’s usefulness and can create data conflicts and redundancies, costing the organization knowledge and productivity.

Information gaps caused by fragmented, stale or inaccurate data get larger with time. Like polluted gas in a fuel line, when this data reaches your analytics engine, it can cause real financial damage. 

Adding to organizations’ data woes, much of the data gained by team members throughout their day never makes it into any institutional repository. The administrative task of adding information to a central CRM often takes a backseat to serving customers and closing deals. As a result, the unique insights frontline professionals gain through personal interactions and individual activities are lost or forgotten. When this happens, organizations lose valuable data assets that add context to their customer relationships, and team members lose the opportunity to learn from one another. 

aiOla brings together all your internal and external data sources, breaking down silos and shoring up data integrity. Then we add human intelligence gathered from your frontline staff to build a dynamic and singular single source of truth for your organization. 

How aiOla adds the HUMINT touch: Capturing pivotal data on the front line 

Your frontline staff are the link that connects you to your customers. The knowledge they gain in the field is critical for developing actionable, revenue-driving insights. aiOla’s HUMINT Collector ensures that busy professionals can share their knowledge without wasting valuable time. 

This cloud-based, user-centric platform integrates with the devices and tools your team already uses daily to make it easy for them to upload their intelligence in near real-time. Instead of waiting to log in to a central CRM or fill out precise forms, the HUMINT Collector empowers individuals to upload information the way they want when they want. Your team doesn’t have to translate or transcribe data to share it. aiOla extracts, understands and categorizes context to data from texts, voice recordings, pdfs and images. 

Continuously learning, aiOla’s HUMINT  Collector adapts to your team’s language and style to create accurate, contextual data entries from the information your team uncovers while on sales calls, reviewing emails, participating in meetings or surfing the web. Your team can use their favorite apps, including Slack, WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams. As aiOla extracts, categorizes, retains, and analyzes information from these and other connected sources, your organization gains a continuously evolving, distinctive organizational IP that competitors can’t match. 

This always-updating custom blend of data is the secret sauce our AI engine uses to build unbeatable insights. Keeping your team in the loop by ensuring that those insights reach them at just the right moment is what makes aiOla your secret to success. 

Delivering actionable insights in the moment of need

aiOla’s proactive guidance is always on and available on demand, ready to support frontline professionals with the information they need to strengthen customer relationships and increase their productivity. 

Whether your team members are setting priorities, planning a discovery call, designing an offer or making forecasts, their decisions are only as good as the information and advice they receive. aiOla is designed to be proactive, responding to your team’s input and with dynamic, actionable insights that enable them to make better decisions. 

Because aiOla integrates with your existing tools and mobile devices, these insights can reach your team members anytime and anywhere they need them. In a recent study, a fully integrated cross-departmental data system was identified as one of the hallmarks of high-performing sales teams. aiOla empowers your frontline team to work collaboratively with other departments and gain intelligence about every touchpoint of their customer’s journey from their laptop or mobile device. 

The information they gain from their successes contributes to the dynamic organizational IP that feeds aiOla’s AI engine and fueling new insights. That’s the power of aiOla’s Intelligence Infinity Loop. 

Stay one step ahead of the competition with a one-of-a-kind market intelligence solution

In a digital-first world, data is power. Adoption rates for CRMs and AI-enhanced intelligence solutions have skyrocketed as companies rush to meet the demands of a marketplace transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies can no longer rely on individual performances to preserve market share. Every sales and frontline professional needs to be empowered to choose better prospects, complete deals faster and maximize revenue for their organizations with access to up-to-date, accurate information and predictive analytics. 

aiOla puts this power in your team’s hands. We’re supercharging market intelligence to take performance to the next level. Are you ready for take-off? Sign up for your aiOla demo today.