How Human Intelligence Is Directly Linked To Sales Success

aiOla connects data dots that would otherwise have been invisible. By capturing human intelligence and enriching it with third-party data and other organizational knowledge, magic happens.

Amir Haramaty


How Human Intelligence is Directly Linked to Sales Success

Data is important, but it’s insights that are mission-critical. Many organizations have data, but data alone isn't good enough: data must lead to relevant actionable insights, fast. Having these relevant, real-time, and actionable insights at your and your team’s fingertips, is priceless.

Insights are usually generated by using internal and external data sources, but yet - the most relevant and impactful data source is completely missing. It is the Collective Human Intelligence, which according to industry experts, 90% just lost.

Until now, that is.

Human Intelligence: Delivered

One of your frontline team members finishes an in-depth call with a potential client. They discuss where the client company is heading, what their priorities are, and even budget. Yet almost none of this critical information gets saved in your organization’s CRM. This collective human intelligence is lost not only in this specific situation, but across the entire sales organization. This priceless intelligence will not be captured, and naturally will not be available the next time someone in the organization communicates with the target company.

aiOla changes this for good: these critical human intelligence insights are captured in near real-time – and then combined with the organization’s internal data and third-party industry data. This enriched and unique raw material feeds into aiOla's AI Intelligence Engine that analyzes all captured intelligence, creating an ever-evolving dynamic organizational IP.

Finally, this is turned into actionable, on-the-go intelligence, that is often the difference between winning and losing the next deal.

No More Silos

Data has traditionally existed in silos. Different departments, different individuals, held disconnected parts of the data puzzle. All of this impacts financial marketing and sales success.

aiOla ensures that all information is available to everyone who needs it, exactly when they need it. And not just that – aiOla also connects data dots that would otherwise have been invisible. By capturing human intelligence and enriching it with third-party data and other organizational knowledge, magic happens.

Opportunities are surfaced, actionable insights are timeously delivered to frontliners, and deal breakers are avoided.

Silos are extremely dangerous to organizations, and particularly to sales teams. With aiOla in place, silos can finally burst open, sharing critical knowledge across the company.

Let’s Get Real (Time)

Even the best insights, if delivered too late, are of little value. Similarly, if people get insights too early, they tend to forget – and risk not having the right insights on hand when these are needed most. That’s why real-time intelligence is so highly prized. 

For your organization’s frontliners, this real-time intelligence is a real super-power. 

Frontliners get comprehensive meeting prep and intel, cross- and upsell recommendations, demand forecasting and competitor sales stats, and up-to-date custom-made pricing.

This includes a "baseball" card view of the person being reached out to, providing a 360-degree picture including: 

  • Basic background
  • Critical details and meeting prep information
  • Playback of financials
  • New opportunities
  • And much more

This ensures that meeting prep time is reduced, the entire call experience is elevated, and the entire process becomes more efficient.

Post meeting, Rapid Meeting Notes enable key inputs from audio to be captured into SalesForce, or any other CRM. So less time spent capturing meeting insights, more intelligence from client interactions, and nothing gets lost or falls through the cracks.

Imagine having these at your fingertips before and during your next big call. From playing catchup and taking cues from the prospect, suddenly you’re taking the lead, creating intimacy, offering deep insights, and immediate value. 

It also helps tremendously in creating a connection on calls, demonstrating that you know the client, company and industry, and showing that you’re serious about doing business.

Knowledge Shared is Value Multiplied

Knowledge is one of those things that grows exponentially. And organizational knowledge is no different. 

Think about the gaps that exist when it comes to one team member handing off to another, or conversely, the overlap when different people on your team are communicating with multiple people in one organization.

Take the case of a large financial services company selling a new product to family offices. Due to the nature of the product and the amounts involved, there have been multiple calls with different people in the family office. This includes calls from the biz dev team, SDRs, and sales professionals. The target office wants one more call, this time with the VP Customer Success, to close the deal. 

Were it not for aiOla, the VP would have whatever information was in the CRM. Who called and when. Maybe some rudimentary notes.

With aiOla however, the VP has real, actionable, shared intelligence at her fingertips. 

She will know about the interests, aspirations and fears of the person she is engaging with. She will understand what key features are of interest, what the roadmap looks like, which topics to avoid, what real-time insights will be of value and help build a connection – in short, she is infinitely better placed to be successful. 

Sharing this knowledge, disseminating it as widely as possible, becomes so important. In today’s financial services world of data and analytics, knowledge truly is valuable.

Competitive Landscape

How many organizations wish they had a better picture of what their competitors are doing, in near real-time?

With aiOla's solution in place, you get unprecedented insights into competitor behavior. Unmatched market intelligence ensures that you can get – and stay – one step ahead.

aiOla offers the following advantages to achieve sales success:

  • Holistic View: Get an extensive, accurate view of your competitive landscape that would not be otherwise visible.
  • Proactivity: Proactively identify upselling opportunities, and get customers to convert before your competitors have even realized.
  • Detection: Strategically identify new market trends with high potential for growth.
  • Insights: Obtain reliable, actionable insights that will get you ahead of your competitors.
  • Reliability: Get real-time business insights to enhance operational and marketing plans.

The New Era in Financial Services Starts Here

Combining new technology with unprecedented levels of data has truly created a new era in financial services analytics, and AI in financial services – particularly in the context of business development and sales. 

aiOla has changed the game, and once again financial services organizations can be at the forefront of analytics and value. 

With aiOla, your company can get actionable, real-time insights, break down silos, share knowledge effectively and get ahead of competitors. 

And the best part? The fuel for this is lying latent within your organization right now. 

Let aiOla harness the power of collective human intelligence for you, and empower your frontliners to take your company lightyears ahead.