Unleashing The Power of Human Intelligence

You have the power. Being on the frontlines of your business, at the coalface, you see and hear things every single day that are of extreme value to your organization.

Amir Haramaty


In intelligence circles, they call this knowledge “human intelligence” or HUMINT, and it’s one of the most valuable forms of intelligence that exists. In business too, human intelligence is super relevant for day-to-day business activities. If you think about it, we bet you could name tons of examples of ways your company can improve, based on feedback you’re continuously receiving from customers, potential customers, and others you interact with routinely. Do you see how much power you have?

Now, imagine that your knowledge was recorded, transferred to a management system, and was accessible to the people in your organization who can drive significant change. Imagine that all of your colleagues’ knowledge was available to you, instantly. Such a system would be a game-changer, a true way to unleash the power of human intelligence.

Read on to discover how to unleash this power.

The power of human intelligence

Many people think that artificial intelligence (AI) alone can be relied upon to solve all of our issues and challenges. But just like in the world of intelligence and espionage, AI alone is insufficient to create meaningful insights. There’s also a big caveat here: human intelligence is being lost. In fact, over 90% of human intelligence is not captured and vanishes forever.

One can also argue that external data can solve these problems. Unfortunately, while external data is extremely valuable, the overall impact of general external data is often extremely limited when applied to a specific problem. aiOla's Collective Human intelligence overcomes this by generating the freshest and most relevant data, which is directly connected to the problem you’re trying to solve. However without aiOla's Collective Human intelligence in place, external data will seldom solve these issues. 

Human intelligence, on the other hand, is more powerful than we can imagine. It’s what allows human beings to reach the moon and beyond, explore the depths of the ocean, create the most incredible technologies, and solve many of the world’s most pressing problems.

Moreover, human intelligence is the necessary first layer upon which AI, and in a broader sense  AI for the masses, can be built. AI is based on models, which in turn are built on data, information, inputs. The more data we have and the better the quality of that data, the better our model is. It’s what allows us to shape our models and without it, much AI would be meaningless. 

From an individual standpoint, the power of human intelligence is breathtaking. Just think of the Einsteins, the Edisons, and the Bells. But it’s when human knowledge is brought together that the magic really happens. Collective human intelligence – that is the collective sum of many individuals’ human intelligence – is powerful in the extreme. 

The challenge with human intelligence, especially collective human intelligence, is that it has to be harnessed, channeled, respected. In order for human intelligence to be useful, it needs to be gathered correctly, it needs to be organized, it needs to be accessible.

This applies to the world in general, and it applies very specifically to you, your organization, and your success.

The HUMINT challenge

As we mentioned at the beginning, you and other sales professionals and frontline employees have access to a tremendous amount of knowledge.

Unfortunately, all of this HUMINT, all of this knowledge, does not get passed to the right people – for numerous reasons. We understand that this can be extremely frustrating for you at times, both in terms of the fact that your opinions aren’t sought by those in charge, and when it comes to vital insights that could have helped you close more deals.

For example, you might hear over and over again how potential clients ask for a specific benefit or new product. Not having this currently is a dealbreaker for them. That’s how vital organizational intelligence can and should be fed to the right people in the company.

In fact, according to industry experts, under 10% of human intelligence is actually captured. This critical knowledge is thus lost, wasted, squandered. 

It affects pricing, competitive intelligence, trend detection, discounts and promotions, sales enablement, meeting prep and intel, cross-sell opportunities, up-sell opportunities, product features, dynamic segmentation, sales forecasts, pricing elasticity, dynamic market intelligence, and more than all that: it affects you

Human intelligence is also critical for other reasons. One of these is being proactive rather than reactive: instead of being passive and hoping things go your way, human intelligence can be harnessed to offer predictions, meaningful insights and information that’s relevant – dramatically increasing the chances of a win. Another is when it comes to maintaining better relationships with customers; human intelligence can help deepen these relationships, offer personalized insights and build trust and intimacy.

Unleashing the power of human intelligence

In order to truly unleash the power of human intelligence, certain factors have to be taken into account. These include:

Organizing data

Google’s mission is to “organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful”. It’s no coincidence that one of the world’s most powerful companies has this as its guiding principle. This is step one when it comes to human intelligence. Harnessing it, organizing it, focusing its power. 

Enriching data

Human intelligence from frontline employees is super powerful. But it can be augmented by other data sources – an organization’s internal data, 3rd-party industry data, and more. This serves to increase the value and impact of human intelligence.

Applying AI

Applying AI to this data can then increase its power by orders of magnitude. Note that it could never work the other way around – from AI to human intelligence. Human intelligence is the critical first phase.

From data to insights

Data itself is not enough. To really unleash the power of human intelligence, all of this has to be translated into actionable insights. 

To summarize: we’ve looked at the power you as a sales professional and frontline employee have. We’ve delved into the power of collective human intelligence. And we’ve seen how this intelligence can be effectively unleashed.

The Intelligence Infinity Loop

We asked you to imagine a solution whereby your human intelligence can be unleashed. Well, imagine no more. There is a solution – one that can be implemented today and can start working for you immediately. aiOla’s Intelligence Infinity Loop is built on an organization’s number one asset: you.

Let’s look at a concrete example. Say you’re in the insurance industry. It’s super competitive, with many traditional offerings vying for a limited number of customers, not to mention the new threat of upstart, digital-native competitors. How do you gain an edge? How do you set yourself apart from the competition? And how do you do all this when you have so many manual tasks on your plate?

You can start by implementing aiOla’s Intelligence Infinity Loop. aiOla will help you clear time-consuming tasks to focus on your customers – all while offering the most relevant, personalized offer for each customer – giving you an unparalleled competitive edge. 

aiOla synergizes and harmonizes HUMINT, other internal company data and relevant external data sources to provide you, on the front line, with on-the-go insights to proactively come armed to every conversation, and enable deeper and more valuable relationships.

Now you can connect, impress, upsell, cross-sell and enhance every conversation with ease, and it’s all right at your fingertips. From construction to media, retail to finance, aiOla will add value immediately.

Prepping for a meeting? Let aiOla’s intelligence serve you

Perform: Drive the outcome you desire, by getting all relevant information right when you need it – right before your meeting

Segment: Get key insights, best practices, and customized solutions, tailored for the specific needs of each customer

Connect: Build and maintain strong relationships based on trust, intimacy, and familiarity

Inform: With a super-relevant stream of fresh and dynamic intelligence, for true data-driven decision making

Unified: Streamline all insights through a single pipeline and ensure no detail is overlooked

Human intelligence for sales professionals and frontline employees

Human intelligence is powerful. Collective human intelligence is even more powerful. And when unleashed correctly, having this all at your fingertips gives you all this power to be better at what you do.

Being a sales professional and frontline employee, you’re your company’s greatest asset. We’re here to support you and give you the tools to unleash your human intelligence. 

About aiOla

At aiOla, we empower sales professionals and frontline employees with real-time, user-friendly, HUMINT-driven business insights. We believe in intelligence, on-the-go. With aiOla, post-meeting information is entered quickly and seamlessly, via voice message, free-text typing or simply by uploading visuals and documents by using standard communication tools (WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, Native Apps, and more). The Collective Human Intelligence (“CHI”) is sent in near real-time, and is instantly integrated into the organization’s backend systems (such as their CRM tool). The solution then generates a unique layer of rich collective human intelligence, on top of the internal and third-party industry data.