Active Trend Detection Alerts

Make the right decisions, faster. Break structural silos and leverage the intelligence collected by aiOla to detect and respond to trends and demands in real-time.
Close the intelligence loop in real-time. aiOla connects the dots and presents a clear intelligence map in real-time.
Simplify the chaos. We combine the power of the collected intelligence with AI to assess and detect trends in real-time.
Trend detection. Equip your customer-facing employees with the intelligence they need for real-time detection of critical trends such as market needs and product features as well as pricing and competitive trends, giving them an unparalleled advantage that can't be matched.
Proactive is better than reactive. Enhance customer satisfaction and increase long-term partnerships by detecting and addressing customer needs and challenges, before complaints escalate.

Time to Close The Loop, and Make Sure Nothing is Lost or Forgotten

Give your customer-facing employees that extra edge now.

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Customer-Facing Employees
hours of exposure to humanintelligence monthly
of human intelligenceis being captured
= 90% of human intelligenceis lost every month
The AI Inspection Loop
Revamp human workforce limitations and outdated processes. Enjoy the power of state-of-the-art voice and image recognition models to digitize, automate and streamline inspection processes; dramatically reduce operational costs, increase production time, automate trend reporting and minimize downtime.
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Pre-Meeting Preparation & Insights
Get the information you need, when you need it. Use the AI-powered data-driven insights on-demand, right before your meeting, to connect the dots behind what the human eye can see and beyond what the human brain can process.
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