The aiOla Approach

aiOla helps your front-line employees stand out from the crowd and reach an unparalleled business advantage. As the interface between your organization and your clients and prospects, your team has a critical responsibility to connect, deliver and retain on a daily basis. They are exposed to a tremendous amount of human intelligence during their daily routine, yet according to industry experts, less than 10% of human intelligence is actually captured. It has a vast impact across all verticals and industries, including pricing, competitive intelligence, trend detection, discounts & promotions, and more. This is where aiOla comes in.

Everything is Being Captured

With aiOla, you can collect critical fresh Human Intelligence (HUMINT) post-meeting, in near real-time, across your organization

Holistic Data View

aiOla combines the collected HUMINT data with internal and third-party data, to create a unique blend of relevant raw material

Ever Learning

The AI engine behind aiOla transforms it into a constant stream of ever-learning unique insights and intelligence on the go

Our Mission

We live by our mission - to bridge the gaps between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence while connecting the “AI promise” for the masses. aiOla provides you with real-time, natural language ontology-driven, user-friendly, multi-sourced business insights, and intelligence on the go. With vital intelligence at their fingertips and fast access to everything they need to know when they need to know it, your frontline employees are supercharged for success

Human Intelligence is the key to success

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