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About Us

The aiOla approach

For any organization, knowledge is power. But less than 10% is captured, and even less is curated and shared.  Every minute of every day, from meeting to meeting, your people are out there, exposed to a tremendous amount of human intelligence, like products, competitors, product features, and customers' needs. Most of this valuable intelligence falls through the cracks. With aiOla, nothing is lost or forgotten.

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With aiOla nothing is Lost or Forgotten

The unstructured data

Most available data is unstructured by nature and doesn’t find its way into AI models or CRMs. At aiOla, we collect unstructured post-meeting information (voice, text, or visuals) in near real-time, using standard communication tools (WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Native Apps, etc), that turns the entire organization into a dynamic data collection agents. This valuable collected intelligence becomes the unique raw material that feeds our ever-learning and evergreen aiOla loop.

It’s all about data

The “Knowledge Journey”, as we know it today, starts with Knowledge Collection, continues to Knowledge Sharing, and ends in Insights Generation.

Although aiOla plays it all, we quickly realized that the most important part is the first step of this journey, which involves data and knowledge collection. This is also where aiOla’s differentiation begins.

Investing in knowledge

Before After

The current paradigm is focused mostly on improving sales by recording sales conversations, which is limited in nature to a sterile analysis of the recorded word. At aiOla,  we recognized that the critical Human Intelligence component is much greater than just listening to a recorded conversation. Actually, critical intelligence is missed, and the subtext is completely ignored. Furthermore, the aiOla solution is way beyond, and not limited to just sales performance.

By using the unique aiOla approach, we are enabling any customer-facing employee to use his/her standard communication tools (WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Native Apps, etc) as the Intelligence collection device, using natural language in multiple forms. This intelligence is fed into aiOla by the valued professionals in near real-time, when it’s all still fresh in their minds, allowing them to leverage their professional point of view to capture the critical intelligence.

Relying on CRMs to capture intelligence provides its own set of challenges.

Organizational knowledge is often overlooked. The current post-pandemic era, in which a significant percentage of employees either work from home or hybrid, has made capturing organizational knowledge even more challenging. In the current business world, most customer-facing employees work in silos, meaning the vast majority of critical knowledge they have access to stays with them instead of flowing back into the organization.

Most organizations use CRMs as their sole data collection method. Most people view CRMs as a chore and treat them as such. This is clearly reflected in the quality, quantity, and timing of the data injection into the CRMs.

Relying on CRMs to capture intelligence provides its own set of challenges.

Closing the loop:
The aiOla effect

Closing the loop:
The aiOla effect

Given that most intelligence is being lost and using a CRM to capture knowledge creates a lot of friction and limited collection, aiOla’s ability to reimagine the intelligence capturing process offers businesses a powerful advantage.

By enabling every individual to capture and share post-meeting knowledge in near real-time, we ensure a constant flow of individual knowledge, breaking the natural silos, which turns into critical organizational knowledge and becomes the dynamic IP of the organization. By doing that, aiOla transforms the entire operation from a static data warehouse to a dynamic component in the organizational knowledge loop.

Generating deeper, more impactful

The combination of our unique approach to knowledge collection, our organizational knowledge creation, and our frictionless approach to CRM integration goes beyond “pure” insights to create a unique set of raw information. This allows us to connect the dots beyond what the human eye can see and what the human brain can process.

By completing the intelligence loop, we are spotting trends before they even form.

Moreover, the aiOla solution provides true enablement for non-technical users, effectively connecting the promise of AI to the masses.

The evergreen aiOla loop.

We operate in a dynamic world, where needs and conditions are rapidly changing.

The infinite aiOla loop provides an evergreen, ever-learning platform that gets better and smarter with every single iteration it completes. Our solution offers modern organizations a clear business advantage by providing a singular sequential focus with instant, lasting, and ever-increasing value.

It’s super simple to get aiOla going in your organization.

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